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Automatic instrument for determining the apparent density (porosity) of raw ceramic tiles, mod. DDA/2 (without mercury).
This device is suitable to determine the apparent density of the tested sample by double weighing in air and hydrostatic mode.
To execute this test it is necessary to use a special liquid with features of slow absorption that allows to weigh the sample before that the measure might be influenced from the absorption of the same


To determine the dynamic critical angle in conformity with DIN-51130 (R Value) and DIN-51097 standards.

Easy us trough wizard
Acquiring of the critical angle value trough a dedicated button
Automatic calculations of the average values and results
Storing of the results
Storing of the operator characteristics
Possibility to calibrate the inclination of the Platform using one electronic level
Possibility to print the datas or to send the dats to a PC

The equipment is manufactured in accordance to DIN-51130 and DIN-51097, it mainly consists of an alluminium framework with one stainless steel Platform with adjustable angle to accomodate the sample panel. The operator, with the safety belt weared, walk back and forth on the platform while this is getting inclined at the rate of 1° per second. The movement is stopped by the operator on the critical angle of slipperiness. The test will be repeated several times near to the angle found to be critical, in order to get a more precise value that it will be confirmed and stored through the key placed on the hanging pushbutton.